xoxo gossip girl

oh my gosh guys… yesterday, i was just so tired. all i wanted to do was take a nap. i seriously understand the definition of exhaustion now. anyways, we had square, so i’m like we have to go on the square… i’m seriously praying just saying, “heavenly father please give me strength beyond my own to finish being a missionary and to keep working hard”. 1 minute later we get a text that says, “1 english at west gate”. i look at sis. bastos, and i’m like let’s take it. sooo we call in and they are like yep come take it. as we were walking i just got this huge boost of energy. i was pumped. man being a missionary is the best. god is on our side. anyways, then as we walk to west gate, i am like praying that this person will be interested and that they will be energetic haha seriously..my silent prayers are funny. so we get to west gate, this guys turns around and he was so excited to be here on a tour. yesssss. so he was here to film a movie. cool. he looked so familiar. anyways, the whole tour he was just so into it. i loved it. i made him read moroni’s promise at the end of the book of mormon, and he like stands up in the assembly hall and reads it and it was so funny. so at the end of the tour, he takes a book of mormon, and gives us some of his info, so that we can answer his questions when he goes home. so we finish the tour, we walk away, i’m like…sis bastos i think he is famous…so we go back hahaha i have this casual conversation with him again, and i just said, by the way, are you famous? he’s like yes…i’ve been in over 50 movies. i’m like what would i know you from? he says, i played blair waldorfs dad on gossip girl…WHAT?! I JUST TOOK “BLAIR WALDORFS” DAD ON A TOUR…he was soo cool though and so open. he was like, “by the way, sister clark…you have a great personality. i would put you in a movie”…i was freaking out on the inside hahah JOHN SHEA TOOK A BOOK OF MORMON. #miracles. all the sisters were jealous, but hey it just shows that you don’t work until you’re tired, you work when you’re tired, and the lord will bless you.

sorry for my story…that was just so cool.

anyways, this week has been good. i’ve been really emotional hahaha i’m such a baby these days. sis bastos and i had our first day of comp study together last week…guys. you would laugh at me if you saw me. we started over in the white handbook…i was crying haha it talks about devoting all your time and attention to serve the lord i was like mannnnn. i’m almost done. what? then we started over in preach my gospel. the first presidency says,“we compliment you on the great opportunity you have to be a missionary. there is no more compelling work than this, nor any which brings greater satisfaction”. i remember for a long time on my mission, i thought my mission was such a sacrifice i had to make. i have realized over time, my mission wasn’t a sacrifice at all. it really has been such a huge blessing…the first presidency continues to say, “more happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among his children”. more tears haha. i just love my mission. it’s so true. i have never been happier than i have been on my mission… but what i have learned, is that i can still find this happiness when i am home, as long as i continue walking the path of discipleship…that’s all it will take. pure happiness.

i met this guy here a few weeks ago named nick. i don’t know if i talked about him before. but, he just moved here from los angeles. he’s had a rough past. he’s meeting with missionaries, and has a baptismal date. i was able to get his number, b/c he wanted to come back and take a tour of temple square. so the elders brought him last week, and we took them on a tour. he’s so prepared. we took him through gods plan. he knows it’s true. the church is so true. the gospel transforms people. it changes us from natural men and women, to children of god, but only if we let him change us.

alsoooooooo… the departing class each transfer gets to take a class with lds business college every friday for 2 hours. it’s sweet. they prepare us for the future, and they teach us how we can use the skills we have learned on our missions, to become prepared for college, and jobs, and real world problems haha… it’s so cool. they teach us how to write resumes. they really make us sound like on temple square we are working a job…we put things like, “ i was a tour guide for the most visited religious historic site in the west”, and stuff like that. it’s pretty cool to see haha.

“and behold, i am the light and the life of the world; and i have drunk out of that bitter cup which the father hath given me, and have glorified the father in taking upon me the sins of the world, in the which i have suffered the will of the father in all things from the beginning”. -3 nephi 11:11

i am grateful to represent my savior. i know the church is true. the gospel brings happiness and peace, and true light into peoples lives that is tangible. he is the light, we just have to let him in!

love you all!
xoxo gossip girl…or sister clark


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