work work work

how is it already tuesday again? the weeks are just flying by. i’m excited. today, we are going to a real italian restaurant to eat real italian pizza…at least that is what the italian sister in my zone says the pizza is like. then we are having spa night with the zone haha what a great p-day.

this week was so fast. i feel like we did so many things. we did service. ahh. that was the best. they let us do service now once a transfer as a zone. #hallelujah. by the way…the church is so true. well obviously. so remember april conference when they announced about helping refugees? so a member of the church started this program to help refugees. in the last 7 months, they have helped so many refugees here in slc. so we went and helped organize the warehouse place, and we helped the refugees coming in to receive the supplies they needed. it was so amazing to see these people receiving help, and feeling the spirit there. also i found this sweet new investigator there named jordan. he just moved here from congo. miracles.

yesterday, i was talking to jeff…remember him?! the one that got baptized a little bit ago! ahhhh. he’s so amazing. so he told me he bore his testimony in church sunday. he wrote it out before going up there. he sent me a copy of it. he shared all of these amazing spiritual experiences of how he came to know the church was true, at the end he said, “i love the church, i know and testify of its truth, and i know it is the restored gospel of jesus christ. life truly has a different meaning for me now. 1 nephi 8:10, and it came to pass that i beheld a tree, whose fruit was desirable to make one happy. brothers and sisters, i partook of the fruit and i testify it has not only made me happy but also my family and friends”. this man changed seriously everything in his life. i am amazed, and inspired by him. i am so happy that heavenly father let me play a tiny part of his journey. i am going to the temple with him in a few weeks for him to do baptisms! yayyyy.

then on saturday, this couple comes into the south vc. they were from illinois. their names were michael and sarah. they walked up to me and told me they came here just to learn about the church. whattttt… it was crazy. i talked to them for 3 hours haha. they had some great questions, kinda tough ones sometimes haha… i wouldn’t have known the answers to those 18 months ago. but our conversation was just so amazing, and everything i shared with them they said made sense. i love the gospel. it brings so much knowledge into our lives. anyways, at the end of talking with them, they took pretty much all the info temple square has to offer, which is a lot haha. he asked if he could have my number…i gave him my cell phone number at home. so sad 😦 they said they see missionaries all the time and next time they see them, they are going to talk to them. michael talked about how the things i shared with him, are things that he will share to many people as he returns home. that’s so cool to me. every person i have talked to on my mission, i have learned something from. the lord really does give you the people you need at that moment.

the other district leaders and i gave a training in zone training meeting this week on happiness. y’all probably know that is one of my favorite topics. i am also learning it a lot this transfer. we can choose to be happy despite the circumstances around us. god created us to be happy. we shared this quote in our training that says, “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings have a human experience”. i am grateful for this human experience that we get and that even in our trials, we can experience joy and peace if we choose to rely on the lord.

“i have set the lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, i shall not be moved”. – psalms 16:8

i love this work. i feel privileged and humbled to wear my saviors name next to mine for these last 3 weeks. i love this work, and i am eternally grateful for my mission, and all of the experiences i have, especially that i have set the lord always before me, and will continue to do that for the rest of my life.

i love y’all!
sister abby clark



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