hello again…the days are few, but we are working hard. this week was so good, and this coming week is gonna be even better. also, today it’s 70 degrees. tomorrow it is supposed to snow. utah man. anyways, this last week we had zone conference, christmas training, and this week we get to go preview the savior of the world play. yessss.

zone conference was amazing. my last one. so sad. i think i will drive down from idaho for zone conference after the mission. i hope that’s allowed haha. anyways, we continued to talk about being deeply rooted in the gospel of christ and becoming true disciples. i love that. it’s been a theme of my mission these last 18 months. we did an in-depth study of the plan of salvation. crazy. here are some things i liked:

-we knew there was risk involved when we chose to come to the earth.
-the savior paid the full price-one by one.
-we raised our voices in testimony for christ before coming to the earth.
-everyone will have the opportunity to learn of christ. whether in this life or the next.
-the veil will be parted after this life, and we will see all who we helped.
-we are commanded to be perfect. we are completely and totally dependent on the savior. that is the only way we can become perfect.
-our spiritual memories were reawakened when we were prompted to serve a mission, as we covenanted to do in the pre-earth life…there were tears when i heard this one.
-basically…heavenly fathers plan is perfect. it’s so perfect.

the missionary department came and gave the training for christmas. i had mixed emotions about this for sure. but i am happy i get to see a few days of the lights, and share the amazing christmas initiative. it’s titled “light the world”. ahh i can’t wait for you all to see the video. i think we all cried as we watched it. the missionary department shared how there will be millions of visitors coming to temple square in a months time. i forgot how crazy christmas was. you literally feel like a walking zombie by the end of christmas. but they focused a lot on helping people one by one. i help one. then they help another one. then they help another one. everything christ did was one by one. even the atonement was done for us individually. it’s amazing. i was reading in the new testament this morning, john 8:12 says, “then spake jesus again unto them, saying, i am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life“. the more we let christ into our lives, the more his light will shine through us!

let’s see. our investigators are doing great. pj, who i met on the square at conference time is getting baptized in 2 weeks. yay. then i took a referral confirmation for a bible request last week for a guy named william. he lives in florida. we have to call them to verify they want the bible. anyways, he was super open, and was just trying to find his purpose here, and come to know who christ was. i explained the book of mormon, as well as missionaries. he accepted, and he attended church on sunday, and has a baptismal date for january. we called him on sunday, and were able to share with him more about christ. i had tears in my eyes, as i was able to testify of the gospel of jesus christ. sometimes i have these moments where i realize this will all be over soon. my love for this mission and what it has done for me will never leave.

“being a disciple of jesus christ is not an effort of once a week or once a day. it is an effort of once and for all”.

i love y’all!
sister clark




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